Abstract Awards

January 19, 2023

The Endocrine Society provides awards to recognize outstanding work in endocrinology. These recognition awards are given to outstanding abstracts submitted by in-training fellows and new faculty whom who have been accepted to present their research during the meeting. Honorees will receive a certificate of recognition for their research.  

Each award has varying criteria. Please visit ENDO Awards to learn more. Winner selection for all awards is based on award criteria and abstract score. 

Standard Award Requirements: 

  • You MUST be the first and presenting author on the abstract submission. 
  • You MUST be currently in-training (Graduate Student, Medical School Student, Clinical/Post-Doctoral Fellow) or early career junior faculty (within 3 years of completing your fellowship and/or 1st–2nd year of appointment). 
  • You MUST NOT have won a travel award to attend ENDO 2022 
  • You MUST be an Endocrine Society member to be considered for an abstract-based award.  

Please note: In-person attendance at ENDO 2023 is required to receive the award. The travel award program is not offered virtually. Members are eligible to receive one travel award or travel reimbursement per meeting. If you are selected for more than one travel award you will receive the higher monetary value. 

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