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New recommendations for managing menopausal symptoms in breast cancer survivors
August 22, 2017 |  A large proportion of the world’s estimated 9.3 million breast cancer survivors experience menopausal symptoms or clinical manifestations of estrogen deficiency. A comprehensive review published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism

Estetrol (E4) Shows Promise as a Safe Effective Drug for Use in Advanced Prostate Cancer
April 3, 2017 | The natural fetal estrogen estetrol, also called E4, is being tested as a new drug that may help treat advanced prostate cancer, according to an ongoing industry-sponsored study…

Recent Thyroid Cancer Trends in the United States Suggest Age, Racial Disparities
April 1, 2017 | In the United States, thyroid cancer incidence is rising among young people as well as Hispanics and African Americans, a new study reports. Results of this research…

Exposure to BPA Substitute, BPS, Multiplies Breast Cancer Cells
April 1, 2017 | Bisphenol S (BPS), a substitute for the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in the plastic industry, shows the potential for increasing the aggressiveness of breast cancer through its behavior as an endocrine-disrupting chemical…

Exposure to Common Flame Retardants May Raise the Risk of Papillary Thyroid Cancer
April 1, 2017 | Some flame retardants used in many home products appear to be associated with the most common type of thyroid cancer, papillary thyroid cancer (PTC), according to a new study…

Unique Biomarkers Identified for Use in Thyroid Cancer Follow-Up
January 2017 | Researchers have identified two unique biomarkers that show promise for monitoring patients who have received treatment for papillary thyroid cancer (PTC), according to a study recently published in the new open access Journal of the Endocrine Society…

Commentary: The Risk of Hypothyroidism in Some Thyroid Cancer Patients
January 2017 | The American Cancer Society estimates that among the 62,450 people who will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2016, some will be treated with thyroidectomy…

Blood Biomarkers Identified in Drug-Resistant Cancer Tumor Cells
November 2016 | While searching for a non-invasive way to detect prostate cancer cells circulating in blood, Duke Cancer Institute researchers have identified some blood markers associated with…

Cautiously Optimistic: The Future of Pancreatic Cancer Treatments
October 2016 | As survival rates from pancreatic cancer slowly inch upward, a new drug therapy may offer patients a brighter outlook. For many decades, a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer…

Fairytales: Dispelling Pediatric Thyroid Cancer Myths
June 2015 | Misrepresentations surround the occurrence, causes, and treatment of thyroid cancer in the pediatric patient population. It’s not as “rare” as once thought, and despite its treatability…

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Selecting a Target in Refractory Cushing Disease
ENDO Session | No credit available
Maria Fleseriu, MD
What’s your best option? Use the latest information on medical therapies from clinical trials to treat your patients with persistent disease.

Clinical Management of Adrenocortical Carcinoma
ENDO Session | No credit available
Martin Fassnacht, MD
Review the options, as well as the pros and cons for each step in surgical and medical management of ACC.

Evaluation and Management of Neuroendocrine Tumors
ENDO Session | No credit available
Faculty: Karel Pacak, MD; Wouter W. de Herder, MD; and Thomas M. O’Dorisio
Hear cases, learn strategies, and test yourself on the diagnosis, localization, and treatment of NETs.

Hormones and Cancer Digital Toolkit
Patient Resource | No credit available
Reviewer: Richard J. Santen, MD
Interactive and downloadable resources and information for patients with questions about endocrine-related cancers.

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Long-Term Natural Course of Small Nonfunctional Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors in MEN1—Results From the Dutch MEN1 Study Group
JCEM | August 4, 2017
Carolina R C Pieterman, Joanne M de Laat, Jos W R Twisk, Rachel S van Leeuwaarde, Wouter W de Herder, Koen M A Dreijerink, Ad R M M Hermus, Olaf M Dekkers, Anouk N A van der Horst-Schrivers, Madeleine L Drent, Peter H Bisschop Bastiaan Havekes, Inne H M Borel Rinkes, Menno R Vriens, and Gerlof D Valk
The size of 115 small NF-pNETs from 99 MEN1 patients was followed over time. Most tumors were stable. In the subgroup of growing tumors a genotype-phenotype correlation was seen.

Identification of Mutations in Cell-Free Circulating Tumor DNA in Adrenocortical Carcinoma: A Case Series
JCEM | July 30, 2017
Sara G Creemers, Esther Korpershoek, Peggy N Atmodimedjo, Winand N M Dinjens, Peter M van Koetsveld, Richard A Feelders, and Leo J Hofland
We report the presence of circulating cell-free tumor DNA in the plasma of a patient with metastatic ACC after previous mutation identification in the primary tumor.

Controversies in the Management of Low-Risk Differentiated Thyroid Cancer
Endocrine Reviews | June 19, 2017
Megan R Haymart, Nazanene H Esfandiari, Michael T Stang, and Julia Ann Sosa
Controversy exists over optimal management of low-risk differentiated thyroid cancer. This controversy occurs in all aspects of management, including surgery, use of radioactive iodine for remnant ablation, thyroid hormone supplementation, and long-term surveillance…

Peptide Receptor Radionuclide and Octreotide: A Novel Approach for Metastatic Tumor-Induced Osteomalacia
JES | May 3, 2017
Abilash Nair, Semanti Chakraborty, Pramila Dharmshaktu, Nikhil Tandon, Yashdeep Gupta, Rajesh Khadgawat, Puthiyaveettil Khadar Jabbar, Chandra Sekhar Bal, Shipra Agarwal, and Mohd Ashraf Ganie
Octreotide can be used as an adjunctive therapy to increase phosphorus levels in patients with tumor-induced osteomalacia. Malignant phosphaturic mesenchymal tumor (PMT) may benefit from…

Polyendocrinopathy Resulting From Pembrolizumab in a Patient With a Malignant Melanoma
JES | April 28, 2017
Anne-Cecile Paepegaey, Coralie Lheure, Carole Ratour, Gaëlle Lethielleux, Jerome Clerc, Jerome Bertherat, Nora Kramkimel, and Lionel Groussin
Checkpoint inhibitors have significantly improved the prognosis of patients with advanced melanoma. These cancer immunotherapy drugs have specific endocrine autoimmune toxicity…

Population-Based Assessment of Complications Following Surgery for Thyroid Cancer
JCEM | April 28, 2017
Maria Papaleontiou, David T. Hughes, Cui Guo, Mousumi Banerjee, Megan R. Haymart
As thyroid cancer incidence rises, more patients undergo thyroid surgery. Although post-operative complication rates have been reported in single institution studies…

Prevalence and Significance of Thyroglobulin Antibodies in Pediatric Thyroid Cancer
JCEM | April 10, 2017
Ari J. Wassner, Margaret Della Vecchia, Petr Jarolim, Henry A. Feldman, and Stephen A. Huang
Thyroid cancer is the most common endocrine malignancy in both children and adults. Although the risk of mortality from thyroid cancer is low, lifelong surveillance is mandatory due…

Rising Thyroid Cancer Incidence in Southern India: An Epidemic of Overdiagnosis?
JES | April 4, 2017
Indu Elizabeth Mathew and Aju Mathew
Thyroid cancer incidence and prevalence rates are rising throughout the world. An analysis of the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results database from the United States showed…

Targeting MYC as a Therapeutic Intervention for Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer
JCEM | March 28, 2017
Keisuke Enomoto, Xuguang Zhu, Sunmi Park, Li Zhao, Yuelin J. Zhu, Mark C. Willingham, Jun Qi, John A. Copland, Paul Meltzer, and Sheue-yann Cheng
Anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) is one of the most aggressive cancers in humans. Studies have shown that human ATC derives from complex and heterogeneous genetic changes, making effective treatment a major challenge…

Refining Dynamic Risk Stratification and Prognostic Groups for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer With TERT Promoter Mutations
JCEM | February 28, 2017
Tae Hyuk Kim, Chang-Seok Ki, Hye Seung Kim, Kyunga Kim, Jun-Ho Choe, Jung-Han Kim, Jee Soo Kim, Young Lyun Oh, Soo Yeon Hahn, Jung Hee Shin, Hye Won Jang, Sun Wook Kim, and Jae Hoon Chung
Telomere reverse transcription (TERT) activation, one of the hallmarks of cancer, enables unlimited proliferation and is driven by oncogenes…

Cabergoline Tapering Is Almost Always Successful in Patients With Macroprolactinomas
JES | February 16, 2017
Anne-Cecile Paepegaey, Sylvie Salenave, Peter Kamenicky, Luigi Maione, Sylvie Brailly-Tabard, Jacques Young, and Philippe Chanson
Patients with macroprolactinomas require treatment for two main reasons: to reverse the deleterious consequences of hyperprolactinemia and…

Autocrine Prolactin Stimulates Endometrial Carcinoma Growth and Metastasis and Reduces Sensitivity to Chemotherapy
Endocrinology | February 15, 2017
Keshuo Ding, Yan Yuan, Qing-Yun Chong, Yulu Yang, Rui Li, Xiaoni Li, Xiangjun Kong, Pengxu Qian, Zirui Xiong, Vijay Pandey, Lan Ma, Zhengsheng Wu, Peter E. Lobie, and Tao Zhu
Advanced and recurrent endometrial carcinoma (EC) exhibits a poor response to chemotherapy and low survival rates. It has been previously reported that human prolactin (hPRL) is…

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Treatment of Cushing's Syndrome
JCEM | July 29, 2015
Lynnette K. Nieman, Beverly M. K. Biller, James W. Findling, M. Hassan Murad, John Newell-Price, Martin O. Savage, and Antoine Tabarin
Treatment of Cushing's syndrome is essential to reduce mortality and associated comorbidities. Effective treatment includes the normalization of cortisol levels or action. It also includes…

Diagnosis and Treatment of Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma
JCEM | June 03, 2014
Jacques W. M. Lenders, Quan-Yang Duh, Graeme Eisenhofer, Anne-Paule Gimenez-Roqueplo, Stefan K. G. Grebe, Mohammad Hassan Murad, Mitsuhide Naruse, Karel Pacak, and William F. Young Jr
The Task Force recommends that initial biochemical testing for PPGLs should include measurements of plasma free or urinary fractionated metanephrines. Consideration should be given to preanalytical factors…

The Diagnosis of Cushing's Syndrome
JCEM | January 14, 2009
Lynnette K. Nieman, Beverly M. K. Biller, James W. Findling, John Newell-Price, Martin O. Savage, Paul M. Stewart, and Victor M. Montori
After excluding exogenous glucocorticoid use, we recommend testing for Cushing's syndrome in patients with multiple and progressive features compatible with the syndrome, particularly those with…

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