While interest in men’s health has grown and clinics dedicated to male reproductive health are on the rise, not all providers are relying on the latest science or using evidence-based practices. We developed our Clinical Practice Guideline on testosterone therapy and other science-based resources to help ensure men experiencing reproductive health problems can access the best diagnostic and medical care.

Our journals are publishing groundbreaking men’s health research, including lessons from the Testosterone Trials and a landmark study defining total testosterone reference ranges to help limit misdiagnoses and unnecessary treatments.

Education and Meetings

Please watch the ENDO 2019 Clark T Sawin Memorial History of Endocrinology Lecture on:

View all Endocrine Society session recordings on Male Reproductive Endocrinology, check out the Center For Learning for educational and professional development opportunities.

Patient Resources

If you have a reproductive health problem, the first step towards resolving it is getting an accurate diagnosis. For that, you should consult a medical specialist such as an endocrinologist who is an expert in reproductive problems. Many problems can be managed with the use of hormone therapy. For more information please visit Hormone.org