Emerging science shows that gender identity has a durable biological underpinning that needs to be considered in policy decisions. Our position statement and Clinical Practice Guideline are setting the tone of the debate. As thought leaders on gender incongruence, we want to ensure transgender individuals have equal access to medical care and insurance coverage. We also are pushing for additional research into transgender health and treatment options.

We offer educational resources for healthcare providers who want more training in how to care for this population, a clinical education module, an educational slide deck, and a guideline pocket card.

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Watch the ENDO 2019 session on Multidisciplinary Approach to Transgender Care. Including presentation on:

View all Endocrine Society session recordings on transgender medicine, check out the Center For Learning for educational and professional development opportunities.

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Gender dysphoria is the distress related to sex assigned at birth not matching gender identity. Ways of relieving this distress may vary. For some people, changing the way they dress may be enough. Others may seek hormonal or surgical therapies. Learn more about the hormone therapies in our Hormone.org sections on:

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