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The global obesity epidemic is on the rise, and endocrinologists are at the forefront of diagnosing its underlying causes and prescribing treatment plans. Our latest Scientific Statements, Obesity Pathogenesis and The Science of Obesity Management, provide a comprehensive overview of the state of science in the obesity field and identify areas of future research.

To ensure individuals with obesity receive care based on the latest scientific evidence, we developed Clinical Practice Guidelines on the pharmacological management of obesity, pediatric obesity, and management of the post-bariatric surgery patient.

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In Episode 8 of the Endocrine News Podcast Kristy Brown, assistant professor of biochemistry and medicine, and Priya Bhardwaj, a PhD candidate, both at Weill Cornell Medicine, talk about their research correlating obesity with DNA damage in the breast epithelium of BRCA mutation carriers, and investigating potential connections with adipose inflammation and elevated aromatase expression.


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Obesity can be caused by endocrine-related disorders. If you are experiencing problems with obesity and weight management, consult a medical specialist such as an endocrinologist. For more information, please visit